Top 10 Ways to Become More Productive

When you increase your productivity, you increase your free time. Productivity is about getting more done in less time.  You increase your profits if they’re tied to your productivity. And quite often, you increase your success and sense of satisfaction. Being more productive isn’t always intuitive. It helps to learn the tactics the most successful entrepreneurs use.

These top 10 ways to be more productive will help you get more things done in less time.

#1 Plan the Night Before – One of the ways is to start planning the night before.  Write down the top 3 things you need to do tomorrow. Identify the goals you want to achieve, the tasks you need to finish, and schedule your time. This tactic is effective for several reasons. First, it supports you to get a good night’s sleep. It’s much easier to leave the day’s stress behind you when you have your day planned. It helps clear your mind so you can relax.

#2 Use Planning Systems – It doesn’t matter if you use a notebook and embrace bullet journaling/planning or if you love technology and use a mobile app to keep you on track. Find a system that supports you to schedule your time and create task lists.

#3 Your Productivity Personality – When are you most energized, productive, and able to focus? Do you work best in the morning or late afternoon? Figure out when you are best focusing on tasks.

#4 Prioritize – Set priorities for your day. What is most important for you to get done tomorrow? (Remember, you’re planning the night before.)

#5 Set your Goals and Milestones – Goals help you stay motivated to be productive. A milestone is a mini goal. For example, if you are writing a book, a milestone might be to finish the outline, finish the first draft, and edit the book and so on.

Tired of not getting things done?

Learn the top ways you can get more done in less time


#6 Don’t Disturb – Hang up your Do Not Disturb sign. One of the biggest productivity busters are those sneaky interruptions. You know, when the phone rings, your child knocks on the office door, etc. Let everyone know not to disturb you for a specific amount of time.

#7 Set the Timer – Set a specific amount of time to accomplish important tasks. give yourself an hour, or less, to get the job done. Set an egg timer or use the alarm on your phone. Setting a timer helps you stay focused.

#8 Use a Notebook  – Instead of getting distracted by any of your amazing and brilliant new idea, jot it down in your notebook. This also works well when you remember something that you want to do or must do If you’re a digital person, you might use a note taking application like Evernote or simple Notepad

#9 During your “down time” Schedule Admin Tasks  – This is when you should schedule administrative tasks, which aren’t directly connected to profits or a goal. For many, the best time of day for administrative work is the afternoon. It’s also a great time to plan your next day.

#10 Don’t be a Perfectionist –  Perfection is a productivity killer. Don’t try to make it perfect. It’ll take ten times longer than it should.

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