Managing Time and Paperwork

It’s so important to stay organized, especially if you own your own business. For example, creating an invoice is just one of the paperwork you may need create. Plus, you may receive bills, keep expense receipts, and other important documents in the mail.  Next thing you know,  you have a stack of invoices and other paperwork, lying around on the desk.

 It can make it difficult to manage your time because having a pile of paper clutter can lead to chaos and cause stress.  At some point you may need to refer to these documents, which might be a struggle to find a document you were looking for.

To manage time wisely you’ll need to learn how to organize your desks, home, office, computers, and everything that touches our life that needs organized. Unfortunately, Paperwork is always a part of any business.

To manage your time, you need to store the paperwork that are important in a filing cabinet.  Paperwork that is not needed, you can toss or put in a recycling bin. You can start shredding the papers that serve no purpose in your business.

If you store your files in a cabinet and label them correctly. So when you search for the files later on, you will know where to look for them and you won’t waste time by searching through a pile of paperwork.  This will cut back time and stress if the file that you need is vital. Invoices should be listed in filing cabinets and labeled appropriately. We never know when we might need to contact a customer, or else a customer might contact us for references or complaints.

Invoices are essential for tax purposes too, so if you store the information in a filing cabinet, label it IRS  and you will be organized if the IRS demands a statement.

Organizing is essential for efficient time management at work.

If you want to get rid of paperwork, another option is to use Dropbox or Evernote.  These are digital files “in the cloud”. You can start with a free plan with limited storage.  However, after a while if you need more storage to add more data, you will eventually need to sign-up for a paid plan.

If you are a Mac user, you can store files in iCloud. Currently, it’s not expensive to increase your storage to iCloud.  Again, if you need more data space you can purchase them through Apple.

Also, you can use Google Drive for storing your date “in the cloud”.  Currently, Google gives you 15GB per email address.

If you don’t feel comfortable putting your date “in the cloud”, you can purchase an external hard drive to plug into your computer and transfer the files there. A couple of good brands I’ve used and had good experience with is Seagate and WD Passport.

What about organizing the files on your computer, or your computer’s desktop?

You might also want to organize those files in your computer too, since it is important to manage your time, and which makes running your business operations more smoothly. As a business owner make sure that you learn the proper way of how to file them in a filing cabinet. When adding paper in each file folder, make sure to put the most current paper in front of the other paperwork.  In other words, the oldest paperwork stays in the back.

There are lots of information you can find online, the library, as well as other resources if you need help with  time management. As you may already know that time management is the solution for maintaining and keeping your business running smoothly. Learn how to start getting organized or how to get rid of paperwork and or making them digital.

Here’s a link that explains how to become paperless (somewhat) by using Evernote.

For managing files, here’s a link for Dropbox Tips.

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