Managing Time and Paperwork

It’s so important to stay organized, especially if you own your own business. For example, creating an invoice is just one of the paperwork you may need create. Plus, you may receive bills, keep expense receipts, and other important documents in the mail.  Next thing you know,  you have a stack of invoices and other paperwork, lying around on the …

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2 Reasons You Should Host a Webinar to Attract New Prospects

Consider Having a Webinar to Attract New Prospects  How would you like to conduct a speaking event from the comfort of your home or office? As business owner, you can attract new prospects to fill your pipeline by using your computer with internet access.  Imagine attracting new prospects and getting more clients from everywhere online. You teach others about who …

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chaos and calm meditation

Keep calm and meditate to help you relax

We all have experienced different types of stress in our lives. Some of us our stressed-out trying to manage our own business,  maybe a relationship, our children, or if you are like most of us, stressed over finances. The word meditation simply is defined as a technique to focus on one thing in a simple way. With having to deal …

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types business structures

What Type of Business Are You?

There are different types of businesses are available to choose from. But what type of business are you?  Understanding what type of business you have is an important aspect of reaching the right audience, paying your taxes, as well as marketing and advertising your business. Home-Based Business Having a home-based business means that your operations are run from your home …

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Why Images Matter When Blogging

The most important part of content for marketing your business today is the material you put on your website’s blog. This is the substance that will attract visitors via the search engine traffic that the keyword-rich content will generate when your audience makes a search. Studies show that blogging about your business, products and services at least twenty times per …

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Strategies for Building Business Relationships

One of the most effective forms of marketing is relationship marketing. You’ve heard the old saying that “it’s not what you know, but it’s WHO you know” that gets your foot in the door. Start using social media to build relationships online. Become involve, get active on social media and join discussions on blog posts, and truly opening your ears …

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