8 frugal ways to stretch your marketing budget

As a new business owner, you’re probably looking for free or frugal ways to watch your digital marketing plan.

Many people think that Email marketing is dead or it annoys people. But think about it.  What do almost all businesses do daily?  They check their email for customer service issues, read about news they signed up for, and communicate with customers or potential customers.


Yes, you can communicate using social media such as Chat Bots, and using Facebook’s Messenger service.  However, remember that in Facebook they own your content, so if you should ever get shut down by them, you may lose your content and any contact information.

This is why is good to start building your own Email list. It build relationships and eventually you can use it as one of the best forms of marketing tool, practically for free.  It’s free if you sign up for free email marketing services such as Mailchimp or MailerLite.  Or, you can sign up with a paid service.


You probably use LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and or Twitter. You can start advertising your services or products for free.  Use the right keywords and choose the right demographics to start appearing in front of them.  If you did your market research correctly, you already know who your target audience is.

You can use Google to start with planning on your marketing research, make phone calls and contact others. When you feel you need to expand your digital ads, you can buy ads through almost any platform, just be sure to set-up your maximum budget so you won’t be shocked this way you won’t be shocked at the total price to advertise your service or products.

You can also write blogs that talk about what you do or what you sell. Glorify it by writing about how it benefits your future clients. Write about why they need your products or services.

I’ve created this infographic to quickly give you ideas.

If you have other budget-friendly ideas on digital marketing, please share them with us!

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