6 Ways To Attract Prospects to Join and Grow Your Email List

When you apply the right approach to create lead generation and conversion strategies, you can build your email list.  If created wisely, Email marketing strategy, can successfully lure new prospects to your website.

It’s one of the main reasons a business owner should include as part of their marketing plan.  Having an email marketing strategy will help build your list to continue a relationship with your prospects and clients.

But how do you find people to send email to and just how does email marketing help as a part of the plan into a big overall relationship building picture?

By having an email list, you’ll have a “pipeline” of folks whom you can start a conversation with and continually inform them of what’s happening in your specialized industry.

However, according to the CAN-SPAM Act sending emails to people for the purpose of advertising your product or service without getting permission is a violation of the act. Don’t buy lists of people’s names and emails, because if you send out emails to people who have never given you permission to receive email marketing campaigns, it’s considered spam mail and you can be penalized with a hefty monetary fine.

Also, to be compliant to the CAN-SPMA Act, be sure to include the proper information in your opt-in forms that provides a way for people to unsubscribe or opt-out of your list.

#1 – Create an Attractive Opt-in Form

One of the best ways to capture the contact information from prospective clients who visit your website, is to have a lead generation form or others call it an optin form. Your optin form need to catch visitor’s attention and make it easy for them to fill out.

You want the text and language to be captivating, provide a clear understand of what you’re offering so you are encouraging them to fill out your form, provide their email address which gives you permission to start sending emails.

#2 – Where Should You Place the Optin Form?

Where you position the opt-in form matters. Placing the form above the webpage or the fold will maximize the number of eyeballs. The design of the form should be pleasing and attractive enough to stand out from other elements on the webpage.

Position your form to separate it from other items on the page, such as a sidebar.

Don’t ask people to fill out a ton of information on your form either.  Most people don’t like filling out too much information. Only ask for the essentials – such as their name and email address.

#3 – Give them Something for Free

In order to build your list and get people to provide you their email address, is to give them something for free.   You can give them a digital product such as a guide that explains different types of organizing their files, free spiritual guidance, a cheat sheet of the digital marketing terms, a free e-book, are just examples that you can give away as a free download.

Add the title and or image into your opt-in form and be sure you let them know that you will keep their contact information confidential and won’t spam them. This also means you will not sell or give anyone else their contact information.

#4 – Update your Blog Regularly

Write a blog to keep your audience better understand your style of advising.  If you are a life coach, or a business consultant, a blog helps your prospective clients get to know you better and they will also get educated and informed. In addition, writing blogs provides you a platform to share your expertise and engage your clients.

You can educate them about life goals, business debt management, websites, and other internet products that will help them. By doing this, you establish yourself as a valuable resource for prospects and clients.

When you use blogging, it updates the content in your website, which helps increase your search engine rankings. According to a recent survey, small businesses that take advantage of blogging have up to 97% higher chances of receiving links than those who do not.

However, the benefits associated with blogging can only materialize if you optimize the blog. Optimizing the blog can be in the form of updates, SEO, using keywords, and images.

Experts recommend that you should update the blog between two to three times per month. Be creative and use new and catchy contents to grab the attention of your readers.

Focus more on educational content rather than promotional content. A blog that has outdated information will have a lower search engine ranking than that with fresh and quality content. You can update your blog or repurpose it.

#5 – Make Your Contact Page Visible

Just like your opt-in forms, your contact details should grab the attention of the visitors instantly.

Use a contact form to make it easy for people to inquire about your financial planning services.  Be sure to include form fields that asks for their first name, email address, and an optional phone number. Some people may want you to call them as their preferred way to communicate, so make sure to include the phone number field as an option.

You can also include on your Contact Page, your contact information.  It should have your company name, address, email address and a phone number.  If you have an office, you can add a location map.

The contact page link should be located on the navigation menu bar. Customers usually search for contact details at the top part of the page. In addition, another popular point for contact details is the website’s footer. This makes it convenient for your online visitors instead of scrolling back up to the top and searching the homepage for your contact details.

#6 – Send Them Regular Emails

I’ve heard that other business owners don’t want to bother anyone with emails, so they don’t send them any.  This may not be a good way to market and keep you in the minds of your prospects and clients.

One of the best reasons to send emails to your prospects and clients regularly is to be sure you’re in their minds.  Now, I’m not saying to send email every other day or even weekly.  It’s a good idea to send emails at a minimum of once per month.

Since you’re in the business of providing business or coaching information to your clients, I’m sure you can update a few of your clients with market conditions from say the alternative healing energy, for example.

Or, if you read an interesting article from Kiplinger’s or the Wall Street Journal, you can share it and add your thoughts, or curate the article tweaked to your targeted audience.  Listen, you don’t want your prospects or clients to hear from you only when there’s bad news.  You may put them in a panic mode which I’m sure you don’t want to do.

By emailing them regularly it shows that you care enough to take the time to share interesting articles, good or bad news and keeping them informed and up to date with your industry.

As a people services business owner, these tips will help build a strong marketing foundation that leads to conversions. If you have comments or questions, please add them below.


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